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Hall ICs detect magnetic fields and issue an output signal which is proportional to the intensity. There are basically a very wide range of different design formats available for this.

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AKM provides customers with optimum solutions based on a wide variety of sensing devices using compound semiconductor technology and IC products featuring analog/digital mixed-signal technology.


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There are pure Hall elements, which only represent the Hall effect, with versions which consist of different materials. These are used to generate different values of sensitivity to magnetic fields.


A further integration is the merging of the Hall elements with an evaluation electronics unit. In this instance, a digital signal is already derived from the modules. This may simply only indicate the presence of a magnetic field, as well as the direction of the magnetic field. It may also have a latch integrated, which allows for the electronics to note the status which was detected previously. And many manufacturers go further still, constructing ICs which straight away provide position information for a rotary transducer.


All these ICs have in common that they provide position measurement on the basis of changes in the magnetic fields. Areas of use include applications in the sectors of metering, automotive, engines, and industry.


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