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Data communications refers to the transmission of digital data between two or more digital devices/computers. A computer-network or data-network is a telecommunications network that allows computers/digital devices to exchange data. The physical connection between networked devices is established using either cable media (Cu or optical) or wireless media. Technologies related to data Networking/Datacom are the fastest growing in our live today.

Subcategories of Networking/Datacom:

Produktkategorie Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic

Transmitting light down thin strands of highly transparent optical fibers

Produktkategorie ISDN


Integrated Services Digital Network

Produktkategorie USB


Universal Serial Bus

Produktkategorie Wireless Modules

Wireless Modules

Radio technology for wireless data transmission


Technologies related to data communications and networking are the fastest developing in todays era. Separate segments has different requirements. Datacenter carrier need PMD (Polarization mode dispersion), signal integrity and switching solutions across multiple communication standards. Metro Ethernet network is a metropolitan area network (MAN) based on Ethernet standards. It is commonly used to connect subscribers to a larger service network or the internet. This based network use in most cases an existing IP/MPLS backbone but may migrate to newer forms of Ethernet transport technology to speed up the network to 10Gbit/s, 40Gbit/s, or 100Gbit/s or even in the future to 400Gbit/s and Terabit Ethernet network.

The requirements are cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and bandwidth management to most proprietary networks. Some service providers deployed Metro Ethernet networks and use Fixed Wireless technology. 100G client modules require different form factors so there is a change of CFP to CFP2, CFP4 and QSFP28, size and power consumption must be taken more and more. Data rates of 100 Gbit/s and beyond are used.

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