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Polymer Capacitor

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Due to the use of highly conductive polymer as electrolyte, polymer capacitors achieve extremely low ESR values and a high ripple current capability in compact dimensions. The product portfolio of CODICO provides different technologies and designs of various high quality manufacturers. Depending on your application you can choose the best fitting polymer cap.

So called hybridcapacitors achieve, due to the combination of liquid electrolyte and polymer, improved electrical characteristics compared with conventional e-caps. Thus they provide the advantages of e-capacitors (e.g. a higher rated voltage) and those of polymer capacitors (e.g. high ripple current capability / extremely low ESR) in one product.


Our suppliers in this category Polymer Capacitor:


PANASONIC is a big Japanese company with different business areas like “automotive” with e.g. multi-media products, “manufacturing” with e.g. electronic components mounting systems or industrial robots and finally the “industrial business group” with the electric components. The main focus of CODICO is on thermal interface sheets, polymer and hybrid capacitors, metal alloy inductors, precision and measurement resistors, switches and encoder.


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Bild von Michael Blaha
Michael Blaha
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-105
Bild von Roland Trimmel
Roland Trimmel
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-144
Bild von Sebastian Gebhart
Sebastian Gebhart
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-205
Bild von Srecko Drazic
Srecko Drazic
Product Marketing Manager
+43 1 86305-104


RUBYCON is one of the worldwide leading Japanese manufacturers of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Rubycon is market leader in long life e-caps and very strong in high performance e-caps like high ripple current / low impedance with continuous miniaturization.


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Bild von Yasunobu Ikuno
Yasunobu Ikuno
Field Application Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-276

SUNCON Electronic Industries Corporation

SUN is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality aluminium electrolytic capacitors with more than 50 years experience in development and production. In 2005 they introduced world´s first polymer-hybrid e-cap to the market, which provides big advantages compared to conventional e-caps.


Your contact :

Bild von Roland Trimmel
Roland Trimmel
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-144

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