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Almost ubiquitous! Instead of a mouse cursor, you can use a finger or a stylus. Touch panels can already be found in very small displays, both LCDs and OLEDs.

The consumer market is setting the example, where touch panels are featured in small displays in smartphones, in medium-sized versions for tablets, or large ones for info terminals. They are also increasingly used in industrial controls, in automation, and in medical technology.

Touch panels are often used to control machines in industrial PCs, especially because such panels are less susceptible to dirt than other input devices such as keyboards. The automotive sector is also gradually opting for this mode of intuitive operation. Today, large multifunction touch panels can be seen in an increasing number of center consoles and dashboards.

Subcategories of Touchpanels:

Produktkategorie Capacitive Touchpanels

Capacitive Touchpanels

They’re gaining the lead!

Produktkategorie Front- and Protective Glass

Front- and Protective Glass

Customized for you!

Produktkategorie Resistive Touch Panels

Resistive Touch Panels

React on pressure!


Almost every display features a touch panel for an easier, more modern operation. The old push buttons and keys around the screen disappear, freeing additional space that can be used for a larger display, including a touch panel. This not only leads to an improvement in the application itself, it also allows for a better menu guidance.

The clearly discernible trend here is that capacitive touch panels are winning the race, while the established resistive technology is reserved for special application areas. The fast growth of capacitive touch panels also brings with it an ever increasing use of customised cover and protection glass.

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