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WiFi Embedded Modules


Embedded Wi-Fi modules: The fast, simple, and effective solution to integrate Wi-Fi applications into the system.

Embedded Wi-Fi modules offer the advantage that the main processor and memory are already integrated on the module, which means that the remaining BOM of a system can be reduced to a minimum. The integrated processor takes on two major tasks: On the one hand, it carries out the driver functions for the entire TCP/IP protocol stack, while on the other it executes the application program, which is often written in C/C++ Code by the user, and is present compiled in the flash memory. In order to be able to address as many applications as possible with the module, many interfaces of the processor are led out to the module interface, such as USB, Ethernet, PCIe, serial interfaces, or GPIO’s.

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8DEVICES is a company engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of unique Wi-Fi modules based on Qualcomm Atheros chip sets. Many years of expertise in hardware engineering and software design allows 8Devices to deliver exceptional quality products with the best price performance and quick time to market approach. 8Devices supports also OEM and ODM wireless projects and can develop your own software and hardware solutions based on your specification list.


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Your contact for 8DEVICES:  André Ehlert
André Ehlert
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Digi International was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Minneapolis MN (USA). The Company is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock Exchange. The company offers Embedded Modules & SBCs, RF-Modules and Wireless Design Services.


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Your contact for DIGI INTERNATIONAL:  Joachim Strohschenk
Joachim Strohschenk
Product Line Manager
+49 89 1301438-17

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The user also obtains access to the analog interfaces, however, such as ADC, DAC, or comparator, which are integrated in the processor.

For applications in the sectors of home and building automation, healthcare, security, smart metering, or general IoT (Internet of Things), preference is given to solutions for the client side in which the processor is realized by a “small” MCU from the Cortex-M family (also often referred to as a hybrid module). This allows for the demands which predominate in this market segment for low power and small form factor to be fulfilled with no trouble at all.

With more complex applications, in most cases associated with AP and router functional performance, by contrast processors are used which provide a multiple increase in speed and memory resources, and can therefore also support operating systems such as Linux. The MIPS architecture is very familiar to most developers, and has also established itself well for Linux systems. In this connection, support for OpenWRT is often also called for, as a result of which the user has available, as well as the Linux kernel, also a read/write file system and a wide range of software packages of the Open Source Community, such as VPN, VoIP, Firewall, and a Web interface.

Whatever requirements you have, CODICO wil be happy to support you in choosing the right Wi-Fi Embedded Module solution and integration.


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