AEVF400 Series for High Voltage DC Switching Applications

The AEVF400 DC high power contactors offer unparalleled reliability.

Unparalleled Reliability for EV by ALTRAN MAGNETICS

The AEVF400 DC high power contactors by ALTRAN MAGNETICS represent an innovative solution for high voltage switching applications. They offer unparalleled reliability, safety and performance, designed to meet the demands of various industries - from electric vehicles and charging systems to renewable energy systems.


Modern DC High Power Contactors

The landscape in the realm of DC high power contactors is dynamic and continually evolving. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles utilising 800V onboard systems, the demand is growing. Modern DC high power contactors must therefore cover a voltage range of at least 1000VDC, handle currents ranging from 250A to 600A or more, provide bidirectional switching capability, and feature auxiliary contacts for relay function verification.

Bidirectionally Switch up to 1000V

The AEVF400 Series sets a new standard for switching high currents at high voltages. Despite their compact footprint compared to conventional 250A products, they deliver the performance of a 400A product. The ability to bidirectionally switch up to 1000V underscores ALTRAN MAGNETICS' position as a leading provider of high-quality products trusted by customers worldwide. For over two decades, ALTRAN has been manufacturing gas filled contactors with eleven fully automated manufacturing lines, producing over six million contactors annually across 25 proven series ranging from 20A to 1000A. Each component undergoes rigorous testing and is marked with a QR code, ensuring comprehensive traceability of each step in the manufacturing process. The AEVF400 series was developed to meet the stringent requirements of modern high voltage applications. With a rated current of 400A+ and a nominal voltage of 1000VDC, it effortlessly handles large loads. The gas filled arc chamber ensures reliable operation even at high voltages, making it suitable for a variety of high voltage switching tasks.

Features of AEVF400 Series

  • High currents at simultaneously high voltages:
    The AEVF400 Series is designed to efficiently handle high current and voltage levels, thanks to its gas filled arc chamber.
  • Compact design, low noise:
    The slim and compact design of the AEVF400 Series minimises noise during switching or load handling, making it particularly suitable for applications where noise is a concern.
  • Safety in explosive environments:
    The hermetically sealed design of the AEVF400 Series ensures no arc leakage, making it safe for use in explosive environments.
  • Highly reliable design:
    The hermetic sealing creates a stable environment for high voltage circuits, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding applications.
  • No special mounting arrangement required:
    The AEVF400 Series can be mounted in any orientation without sacrificing performance, offering flexibility in installation.


  • Electric vehicles
  • EV charging
  • Solar inverters
  • Home energy storage systems
  • E-trucks
  • E-buses
  • Industrial energy storage

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