ALTRAN MAGNETICS: DC Relays and Contactors Designed for Durability

CODICO enlarges the relay portfolio with a new supplier for DC Relays and Contactors.

New Supplier

CODICO enlarges the relay portfolio with a new supplier for DC Relays and Contactors. ALTRAN MAGNETICS brings more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of electromagnetic components and offers solutions that can safely and reliably handle high voltages and the associated high switching capacities.

ALTRAN's Mission

ALTRAN's mission is to produce the highest quality, highly automated products and provide exceptional customer support such as customised products.

The power contactors are specifically designed for DC fast charging stations and energy storage systems. More than 80% of the products are used in EVSE applications. We are always happy to help you with product selection and support you with design-in.

Resin/epoxy models can carry 20A to 600A and that with a voltage range of up to 1500VDC. An auxiliary contact for monitoring the relay function is optionally available. The protection class of this version is IP67.

Ceramic types can carry 60A to 1000A, the voltage range is even up to 1800VDC. Auxiliary contact and bidirectional switching versions are available on some models and the contactor has a switch hermetically sealed arc chamber.

ALTRAN MAGNETICS contactors are built to last and have been tested to withstand harsh environments, making them perfect for use in demanding applications.


  • DC-Fast Charging Stations
  • ESS – Energy Storage Systems
  • Battery Packs
  • Stationary Power Applications

Your Contact Person

For more information, please contact Wolfgang Weiß.

Wolfgang Weiß Product Line Manager +43 186 305-334 E-MAIL