BSS Series: Integrated Current and Temperature Measurement

ISABELLENHÜTTE Facilitates Direct Voltage Measurement

The BSS resistor from ISABELLENHÜTTE combines a shunt and a circuit board, facilitating direct voltage measurement. This feature ensures the dependable transmission of measurement signals in current monitoring for battery management systems in hybrid and electric vehicles.


Primary Functions & Reliability

Depending on the setup, temperature can also be measured using the NTC (negative temperature coefficient thermistors) on the PCB. These values are then utilsed to compensate for temperature fluctuations.

The BSS busbar shunt series serves two primary functions in a battery management system: current measurement (CSM) and temperature measurement (TMP).

This solution not only guarantees the reliable transmission of measurement signals but also streamlines the process by eliminating an additional step. Through a connector, voltage and temperature values can be directly accessed and then transmitted as analogue signals to the customer's higher-level system.

The BSS series is currently available as a standard product with resistance values of 50 and 100µOhm.

Key facts

  • Power rating up to 30W
  • Very low initial tolerance of up to ± 0.1%
  • High pulse loads of up to ±3,600A for a duration of 100ms
  • High temperature measurement stability of < 50 ppm/K and lower, thanks to DMC temperature compensation curves and NTC
  • Shunt includes a Data Matrix Code (DMC) containing resistance value
  • Size 8420
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


  • EV and PHEV applications/current sensor for BMS
  • Industrial applications such as stationary or mobile energy storage systems (ESS)
  • Small electric vehicles (e.g. scooters)

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