CODICO Presents Its Highlights at the EMBEDDEDWORLD2022

Red-Beet, Yellow-Beet and White-Beet Modules

RED-beet, YELLOW-beet and WHITE-beet modules are QCA7005 HomePlug Green PHY PLC modules with support of ISO/IEC 15118, DIN 70121 and SAE J2847/2. Modules are configured to be working on both sides with PLC communication in EV-charging applications – on the EV side (PEV and PHEV) and on the EVSE side (charging stations).

CODICO powerline modules line includes:

RED-beet module is in fact the QUALCOMM reference design implementation of the core components around the QCA7005.

YELLOW-beet module is the PLC reference design implementation that has been extended to include the line coupling, the overvoltage protection and a phase zero crossing detection feature required for the charging station side.

WHITE-beet module is a complete ISO/IEC15118 / DIN 70121 / SAE J2847/2 HomePlug Green PPHY PLC Module with MCU on board running ISO 15118 V2G / Plug-and-Charge Software Stack implementation.

DC/CCS and AC Charging Stations

Furthermore, we exhibit Modules of DC/CCS and AC charging stations (EVSE). The modules of DC (CCS) and AC charging stations (EVSE) demonstrate a spectrum of products offered by CODICO to be used in the e-mobility applications. CODICO, as probably one of the most skilled experts in powerline communication for EV-charging industry, offers a broad portfolio tailored to e-mobility. It does not only feature products for powerline communication such as PLC modules, temperature-compensated oscillators (TCXOs), PLC transformers and software stacks, but it can also provide best-suited components to cover requirements far beyond that.

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