FG-R05-3A Current Sensor by KEMET

For DC and AC Leakage Current Measurement

In applications like e-mobility charging, but also in renewable energies, the detection of possible leakage currents is essential. The FG-R05-3A from KEMET is exactly built for these applications, sensing AC as well as DC leakage currents, giving a corresponding alarm-signal as well as an analog output proportional to the  leakage current.

Features of the FG-R05-3A

  • IEC62752:2016 und UL2231:CCID20 – conformant
  • Fast AC (30mA) and DC (6mA) leakage IEC threshold
  • For IC-CPD Mode2 charging
  • Pincompatible device for Mode3 charging will follow
  • For IC-CPD and Wallbox Applications (AC charging um to 22kW)

Coming soon - Samples of the FG-R05-3 are aavailable in our Sample Shop from mid August 2020!

For more information please contact Thomas Berner.