FN-LINK's J202H-I Low Cost IoT Solution

FN-LINK: J202H-I: New IoT Module With WiFi4 and BLE5.0

J202H-I: New IoT Module With WiFi4 and BLE5.0

FN-LINK is expanding its product portfolio with another low-cost IoT solution that supports WiFi4 and BLE 5.0. This module also integrates an application processor and is offered in an extremely small form factor measuring only 18x20mm.

The new IoT module J202H-I features a processor core (32-bit RISC CPU with FPU) with 2MB Flash, 276KB RAM and 192 KB ROM.


Technical Details

The processor provides the module with the following interfaces:

  • 1 x SDIO
  • SPI: 1 x Master/Slave
  • UART: maximum 2
  • PWM: maximum 13
  • I2C: 2 (max 400Kbps, max 3.3Mbps)
  • GPIO: maximum 13
  • Miscellaneous: USI, IR, I2S, ADC

Besides the application, the processor also controls the TCP/IP protocol stack and the complete WiFi connection as well. The module operates exclusively on 2.4 GHz with a bandwidth of 20 MHz. This results in a maximum data rate of 72Mbps, which should be more than sufficient for most IoT applications. Besides WiFi4, the module also supports BLE 5.0 and Bluetooth Mesh.

What is really remarkable, however, is its form factor. Although the module has an integrated PCB antenna in addition to the processor system and WiFi modem, it measures an incredible 18x20mm.


A product overview can be found on our support page.


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