FVF Electrolytic Capacitor-Series by SUNCON

Longlife Under Extrem Conditions

Special materials make FVF-series of SUNCON Electronic Industries Corporation, Japanese high quality electrolytic capacitor manufacturer and inventor of hybrid e-caps, an outstanding product. It combines high withstanding temperature with high ripple current capability and long lifetime. SUNCON now is extending the product range of this series.

Additionally to already available 35V and 63V versions, 25V, 50V and 80V are under development. This line extension makes ultra-high ripple current capability also available for higher voltage applications. This is not only related to 150°C as these products have specified ripple currents at 125°C and 135°C as well.

Tentative Specification

  • Dimensions: 8x10.5mm to 10x13.8mm
  • Capacitance Range: 22µF to 560µF
  • Rated Ripple Current @125°C/100kHz: 2,600mArms to 5,200mArms

Another new version of FVF-series is the case size 10x16.5mm, which combines ultra-high ripple current capability with high capacitances in a diameter of 10mm. This will be available in a voltage range of 25V to 80V.

Tentative Specification

  • Capacitance Range: 82µF to 560µF
  • ESR: 11mOhm to 16mOhm
  • Rated Ripple Current @150°C/100kHz: 1,600mArms to 2,250mArms
  • Rated Ripple Current @125°C/100kHz: 4,200mArms to 5,700mArms
  • Guaranteed Lifetime: 4,000hrs @150°C/125°C and rated ripple current


  • Highest rated ripple current @125°C, 135°C and 150°C
  • Longest lifetime at 150°C with full ripple current capability in the market


For more information please contact Roland Trimmel.