HIROSE ZH05: Wire-to-Board Connector for Electric Shock Prevention

The ZH05 Has a Heat Resistance of 125°C

For the new ZH05 connector, HIROSE has developed an innovative design to prevent electric shocks. The series has a heat resistance of 125°C, is designed for strong vibrations and is ideal for battery-powered electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

ZH05 is available in different pin variants to meet the wide range of battery connection requirements. The reliable design meets automotive quality requirements and can also be used for industrial storage batteries exposed to harsh environments.

The ZH05 is designed to prevent short circuits due to dust buildup and electric shocks to employees. This automotive connector can be used for a variety of electronic components such as batteries, chargers and various ECUs.


Innovative Design Ensures High Safety

The ZH05 meets the quality standards of the automotive industry. A box-shaped female contact surrounded by resin is used for the connector on the PCB side to prevent short circuits and electric shocks. Even if dust gets into the contact, a short circuit will not occur.

In addition, this design prevents workers from touching the contacts. The use of a unique double-layer spring design for the female contact also ensures heat and vibration resistance suitable for internal automotive connections, resulting in a highly reliable connector. The ZH05 is a compact product that ensures greater battery capacity.

Wire-to-Board Connector for Electric Shock Prevention:

  • Electric shock protection design in which the female contacts on the board side of the connector are surrounded with resin.
  • 125°C heat resistance and unique double layer spring design ensure vibration resistance and high contact reliability.
  • 0.5mm tab, narrow width with 2.0mm pitch, space saving, helps maximize battery capacity.

Key Features:

  • Contact pitch [mm]: 2.0
  • Height [mm]/Depth [mm]: 9.8/18
  • Rated Current [A]: 2
  • Rated Voltage [V] : AC/DC 60
  • Operating temperature [°C]: -40 to +125
  • Number of contacts: 12, 16, 20, 24*
  • Mating cycles: 30
  • Termination AWG/applicable wire size: 22-24
  • Contact plating: Tin

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