HIROSE´s Connectors for Safe Energy Transmission at Home

DF6x Series: Provide Peace of Mind

Connectors play a crucial role in the safe, efficient, and reliable transmission of energy in the home. Properly designed and installed, they prevent electrical faults, short circuits, and overheating. They ensure secure connections, reduce the risk of electrical fires, and provide peace of mind for a safe home. HIROSE’s DF6x series offer compact connectors with high performance and current-carrying capacity.

DF62W Series

The DF62W series impresses with its slim design and is suitable for cabling in confined spaces. An in-built cable and housing seal supports the watertightness of IP67 equivalent (reference value). A waterproof type (DF62WP) is also available.


  • Contact pitch [mm]: 2.2
  • Rated Current [A]: 5 (max)
  • Rated Voltage [V]: AC/DC 250
  • Operating Temperature [°C]: -40 to +105
  • Number of contacts: 2,3,4,6 and 9
  • Connection Type: Slim In-line Connector for Internal Wiring
  • Termination AWG: 20-26
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Glow Wire Compliant*

DF60 Series

The DF60 series is HIROSE's most compact connector with high power and high current capability. It features a multi-point contact design and centre-locking mechanism, ensuring enhanced operability and high reliability when connecting to main power sources. In addition, a finger protection type is available.


  • Contact pitch [mm]: 10.16
  • Rated Current [A]: 65
  • Rated Voltage [V]: AC/DC 1000
  • Operating Temperature [°C]: -55 to +105
  • Number of contacts: 1-6
  • Connection Type: Wire-to-Board / Wire-to-Wire
  • Termination AWG: 8-12
  • Glow Wire Compliant*
  • Finger protection (Electric shock prevention) type available

DF63 Series

The DF63 series is a wire-to-board connector for internal power supply. It has the capacity to handle a maximum of 15A when using 16AWG wire. Various keying options are available to prevent reverse and mismating. The locking function secures the plug connection and ensures a clearly perceptible click.


  • Contact Pitch [mm]: 3.96, 7.92
  • Rated Current [A]: 15
  • Rated Voltage [V]: AC/DC 630
  • Operating Temperature [°C]: -55 to +105
  • Number of contacts: 1-6
  • Connection Type: Wire-to-Board
  • Termination AWG: 16-22

*Glow Wire: HIROSE offers a range of products that have been glow-wire tested in accordance with IEC 60695-2-11, specifically the Glow-wire Flammability Test Method for End Products (GWEPT). Glow wire temperatures are maintained above 750°C or 850°C. GWEPT complies with IEC 60335-1 5th edition. It's important to note that "small component" connectors, as defined in IEC 60695-2-11 Section 4.4, are exempt from GWEPT because the end-product glow-wire flammability test is not suitable for testing such small components due to potential heat loss and inadequate support.

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