HomePlug Green Phy PLC Modules from 8DEVICES

E-Mobility ISO15118-3 Modules With Improved Features

The demand for HomePlug Green Phy PLC Modules with improved features, such as a higher operating temperature range or better quality control during production is increasing. CODICO and its long-standing partner 8DEVICES have developed a whole series of new modules and is now gradually bringing them to market.

All modules are suitable for all applications according to

  • DIN 70121
  • ISO 15118-3
  • SAE J2847 / 2

RED Beet

As is usual with 8DEVICES, the product name is based on vegetable names, and the new modules all bear the name "beet". The first module is the RED beet, which basically is the QUALCOMM reference design implementation of the core components around the QCA7005. The QCA7005 was specifically used here because, unlike the QCA7000, it is possible to visually inspect its solder joints from the outside during production and it allows a temperature range of up to 110°C, thus enabling the module to be used in a charging stations, wallboxes or onboard chargers at ambient temperatures of up to +85°C.


For the YELLOW beet, the PLC reference design implementation has been extended to include the line coupling, overvoltage protection and a phase zero crossing detection feature required for the charging station side.


The new modules are further enhanced by the use of a temperature-stabilized oscillator, which is also a prerequisite for use in ambient temperature environments up to +85°C where the module temperature goes much beyond.


Both Modules Are Available in Three Versions Each:

For the charging station side (EVSE)

For the vehicle side (PEV)

For applications over longer distances e.g. via the main power lines

Now Available in the Sample Shop

All six versions are available from now on in the CODICO Sample Shop. The data sheets of the modules can be found in the respective article description under the item "Technical Product Information".


Your Contact Person

For more information, please contact Werner Reis.

Werner Reis is product manager
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