PANASONIC's Hybrid Caps in New Size

For the High Ripple Current ZS Series

PANASONIC Industry added new dimensions of 10x12.5mm to their electrolytic hybrid capacitor portfolio, which is available for the high ripple current ZS-series currently. Thanks to the product height, this 125°C 4,000hrs item offers the possibility for miniaturization in terms of PCB size, as capacitance has been increased as well.

ZS-series of PANASONIC Industry combines high capacitances and high ripple current capability in a diameter of 10mm. For some time now, 10x16.5mm case size is available. Another solution with high performance, but lower profile, are the new dimensions of 10x12.5mm. As usual, these products are AEC-Q200 certified, as well as versions with vibration-proof socket are available.

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Product Features

  • Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C
  • Voltage Range: 25V to 63V
  • Capacitance Range 10x12.5mm: 100µF to 470µF
  • Capacitance Range 10x16.5mm: 150µF to 560µF
  • Rated Ripple Current 10x12.5mm: 3,000mArms to 3,500mArms @125°C/100kHz
  • Rated Ripple Current 10x16.5mm: 3,500mArms to 4,000mArms @125°C/100kHz
  • ESR 10x12.5mm: 14mOhm to 19mOhm
  • ESR 10x16.5mm: 11mOhm to 15mOhm


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