New Multimedia SoCs for Audio, Video and ML/AI Processing

Optimised ML/AI Applications

SYNAPTICS launches new Multimedia SoCs VS680 and VS640 for smart displays, camera and AI processing at the edge applications. The new SOCs have a powerful Quadcore Cortex-A73 CPU and are accompanied by SyNAP™ toolkit which enables customers to build optimised ML/AI applications for Video, Vision and Audio AI.



Smart Screens, IP cameras and surveillance systems for a new generation of home and public area security with AI-enabled edge-computing solutions including computer vision, voice and neural network accelerators that supports trillions of operations per second are just a few examples of possible use cases.

Key Features of the Synaptics VS680:


  • Quad-Core Arm® Cortex®-A73 processor with security extensions
  • Up to 2.1GHz for each CPU, delivering up to 40000 DMIPS
  • Supports standard tool chains (ARM, GNU)


Memory Interface

  • DRAM controller
  • 64-bit LPDDR4/LPDDR4X-3733
  • Supports optional 32-bit DDR configuration
  • Supports up to 4GB memory space


Neural Processing Unit

  • Dedicated hardware for localised NN/machine learning applications
  • Up to 6.75TOPs (INT 8)
  • Up to 1.69TOPs (INT 16)
  • Support for multiple DNN frameworks and optimised for TensorFlow™ Lite inferencing via the SyNAP™ toolkit


Multi-Standard Video Decoding

  • Video decoding
  • AV1 main profile (8- or 10-bit, YUV 4:2:0) 2160p60
  • H.265/HEVC main 8-bit and 10-bit (ITU-R BT.2020)
  • Support for up to 1080p120 single-stream decode
  • Still picture - AVC, MPEG2 I picture decode



  • 250MHz secure CPU (Arm® Cortex®-M3)


2D & 3D Graphics

  • GPU based graphics engine (Imagination™ PowerVR™ Series9XE GE9920)

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