New RTC Module from KDS

The DD3225TS RTC Is Also Available With Automotive Grade

KDS has developed the new DD3225TS RTC module, which does not use a ceramic package and is also available with automotive grade (AEC-Q100/200). It is based on a new concept from KDS - "Molded Oscillator" - and contains the entire oscillation circuit itself, including the prefabricated crystal unit, IC and external capacitors.

DD3225TS is the successor of the RTC module DSK324SR, which is now end of life. It is complicated to develop new oscillators or modules with ceramic packages. This is because, depending on the chipset (size, pad layout, specification), the ceramic base itself has to be designed from scratch.

The Molded Oscillator's Package Base

Therefore, the "Molded Oscillator" uses standard epoxy (PCB) as the package base, which allows easy modification of the layout for mounting the internal IC as well as the foot pattern to meet the customer's requirements. The components inside the "Molded Oscillator" are prefabricated products. The resin cover is mainly used to print the KDS logo and production lot and does not affect the hermetic sealing of the whole unit.

RTC modules are facing a quite difficult market. Connecting devices to the internet is widespread and will increase in the future. In many cases, a clock signal using 32.768 kHz quartz with a wide tolerance is sufficient, as the exact time is set by the communication.

Therefore, the use of RTC modules is very limited anyway, but it does have advantages. For example, in some cases the power consumption of the entire system can be reduced. Even though the 32.768Hz crystal is a passive component with low power consumption, the main CPU has to run constantly. To avoid this, the RTC module operates completely autonomously. This is often used, for example, to detect tampering in smart meters.

In addition, the RTC module can achieve very consistent accuracy over a wide temperature range. It functions as a very stable clock source in any environment, in regions with high or low temperatures or in electronic devices where it is heated by other power components.

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