Size Trends for 32kHz Crystal Units

n contrast to MHz crystal units, the usage of packages bigger than 4115 (4.1x1.5mm) for tuning forks is very rare.

Big size SMD products

In contrast to MHz crystal units, the usage of packages bigger than 4115 (4.1x1.5mm) for tuning forks is very rare. Therefore, many suppliers already announced EOL for them. For cost and availability reasons, we strongly recommend that customers who continue to use these sizes to switch to smaller ones.


3215size (3.2x1.5mm)

The 3215 size is still the high-runner for all applications, from small size communication modules to big size control units. The last 3 years were a period of very strict production allocation, which started a rethinking process in the market to shift to smaller sizes.

The most important questions are:

How soon will this replacement occur?

It is difficult to answer the first question. Big customers already consider smaller sizes for new projects which also increases the pressure on the manufacturers to improve their production in terms of capacity and economic efficiency. How long the overall process will take is still not foreseeable, but the next couple of years will show a clearer picture.

What will be the next preferred size?

This is a little bit easier to judge. The miniaturisation trend is also relevant for tuning forks, so the direction is clear.

2012size (2.0x1.6mm)

The next smaller size after 3215 is 2012, although customers tend to skip it. The reason for that is simply the 1610size, which is established in the market already for nearly a decade.

The mobile phone and consumer electronics market create the biggest demands for tuning forks. In these applications, size and reasonable cost are the most crucial criteria. Since the stable supply of the 1610size is already reached, the main difference between 2012 and 1610 is the ESR value. This difference is very small indeed and there is thus no longer any reason to stay with the 2012size.

1610size (1.6x1.0mm)

Due to the above-mentioned facts the global demand for the 1610size is increasing.

Our two main suppliers, KDS and TXC, have seen the signs as well and more than doubled their production capacity in last 2-3 years. Other suppliers followed the trend. But we have not yet heard from any supplier that has increased the capacity for 2012size.

 The price level of 1610size has also decreased in the last years. One reason is the strong allocation of 3215size, which increased the price of 3215size to balance the market. Driven by this, many customers started to adapt the 1610 size for existing projects as well. Although the demand for the 1610 size increased, the market price decreased due to the expansion of the production capacity.

Smaller sizes

There are also other smaller sizes like 1210 (1.2x1.0mm) that have entered the market in the last 5 years. They are used in some niche markets, but so far we have not observed much demand. The 1210size is still at a very early stage.


  • The sizes larger than 4215size almost disappeared from the market, we suggest to replace them immediately.
  • The recent allocation of the high runner size3215 causes the market to shift to smaller sizes.
  • 2012size will be skipped.
  • 1610size will be the future high runner, so it is recommended for new projects.

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