ZL Series: Unparalleled Capacitance for Miniaturised Designs

The ZL series offers the highest capacitance in the industry, surpassing competitor products by up to 170%.

PANASONIC: Industry-Leading Capacitance

The compact and AEC-Q200 compliant ZL series of Al-electrolytic polymer hybrid capacitors, recently launched by PANASONIC Industry, features industry-leading capacitance and high ripple current specifications. The rated temperature range is specified up to 135°C with a guaranteed lifespan of 4000 hours.


Lowest ESR Value

With dimensions ranging from 5x5.8mm to 10x10.2mm, the ZL series offers the highest capacitance in the industry, surpassing the values of standard competitor products by up to 170%. Additionally, the ESR value is the lowest on the market for high-capacitance products, combining high capacity and high ripple current capability in a single component. This next-generation hybrid capacitor is therefore the ultimate solution for demanding automotive and industrial applications where compact dimensions are a key requirement.


  • Voltage range: 25V, 35V
  • Capacitance range: 47µF ~ 680µF
  • ESR: As low as 14mOhm
  • Ripple current: Up to 3,400mArms@125°C / 2,300mArms@135°C

The ZL series is designed for longevity and offers vibration-resistant variants that can withstand shocks up to 30G, making it a reliable choice.

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