ZUU Series - The Ultimate Among Hybrid E-Caps

Cutting-Edge Conductive Polymer Hybrid Capacitors with Unrivaled Performance

The newly introduced ZUU series of conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors from PANASONIC Industry features the highest rated ripple current handling capability of 6.1Arms at 125°C and 4.3Arms at 135°C, together with the largest capacitance value of 1,000μF (25V) and the lowest ESR value of 8mΩ in dimensions 10x16.5mm.


Durable and Versatile Polymer Hybrid Capacitors for Automotive and More

The lifetime of the capacitors is also very good with 4000h at both 125°C and 135°C. The voltage range is from 25V to 63V with capacitances from 120µF to 1000µF, available in 10x12.5mm and 10x16.5mm dimensions.

Fully AEC-Q200 compliant, ZUU series polymer hybrid capacitors are ideal for use in several “under the hood” automotive applications like pump, electric power steering, cooling fans, high current DC/DC converter and ADAS. Further target applications are related to telecommunication (DC/DC and AC/DC converter in base stations, servers, routers and switches), industrial (inverter power supply in robotics) as well as general power supplies (DC side of both inverter and rectifier circuits).

Upon request also vibration-proof versions are available. These versions can withstand shocks of as much as 30G, standard parts can withstand 10G maximum.

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