ZV Series: Compact High-Current Hybrid Capacitors


Panasonic Boasts Some of the Best Technical Specifications Available

Recently, PANASONIC INDUSTRY introduced the new ZV series from their portfolio of conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors to the market. This series boasts the best technical specifications, particularly regarding ESR and ripple current capability, currently available for this technology in the 8x10.2mm and 10x10.2mm form factors.



  • ESR is only 12~22mOhm (100kHz/20°C)
  • Rated ripple current: 3,300mArms up to 4,600mArms at 125°C/100kHz, depending on voltage and dimensions; 2,300~ 3,400mArms at 135°C/100kHz;
  • Guaranteed life time: 4,000 hours both at 125°C and 135°C
  • Voltage range: 25~63V
  • Capacitance range: 33~330µF
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
PANASONIC Specifications: ZV Series

The described features make this series the ideal choice for various applications when it comes to achieving optimal performance and longevity. In the automotive sector, for example, these are water and oil pumps, cooling fans, electric power steering, high current DC/DC converter and ADAS. It is also suitable for use in industrial applications like inverter power supplies for robotics, cooling fans, solar power systems and more, covering the DC side of both inverter and rectifier circuits.

The great performance of these compact capacitors also offers the possibility of achieving miniaturised solutions.

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