SUMIDA is one of the leading manufacturers of inductive components and flexible connection technologies. The product portfolio includes individual products, ready-made solutions for the automotive, electrical, and electronics industries. SUMIDA develops, produces and markets inductive components, flexible connection technologies, modules, component groups and complete systems.

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Inductive Components and Flexible Connection Technologies

SUMIDA is one of the leading manufacturers of individual products and comprehensive solutions for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries. With this versatile product portfolio, the company covers a wide range of different applications.

Inductive Components

  • Power transformers
  • Customer-specific transformers
  • Signal transformers
  • Interference suppression chokes
  • Power inductors
  • Chip inductors
  • Wireless energy transfer

PCB Connection With Flex-Jumpers

  • Flexible Board Connections (FBC) in SMT and THR
  • Flexible Flat Cables (FFC)
  • Flexible Modules

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