Wi-Fi Embedded Modules

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Advantages of Wi-Fi Embedded Modules

Embedded Wi-Fi Modules offer a fast, easy and affordable way to integrate Wi-Fi applications into a product. Embedded Wi-Fi modules have the advantage that beside the Wi-Fi modem also an application processor, interfaces and memory are integrated on a unit module.

As a consequence, a large part of the system requirements are usually already covered by this approach, so that the development time and costs are highly minimized. In addition, most modules are offered with CE / RED, FCC and IC certifications, which saves certification costs for the end-product.

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As module vendors are producing consequently in an ever-increasing volume by minimizing their purchasing costs, the threshold quantity from which customers switches to a customized design shifts higher and higher every year. While Embedded Wi-Fi modules have been considered as profitable solution in a quantity range of up to 10k pcs pa some year ago, the upper limit has moved to 100k pcs nowadays, and this trend has not yet reached its peak.

Another point that makes Wi-Fi Embedded Modules attractive against a customized design: Very often the complexity of a Wi-Fi design is underestimated. Even if the customer seems to have market solution ready, often unpredictable errors arise in the field test, which can usually only be solved by a further redesign. The modules offered by CODICO have been extensively tested by the manufacturer and are proven in numerous field test and products.

Here you can find further information about 8DEVICES Embedded Wi-Fi Modules.

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8DEVICES was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a private holding company with now more than 110 employees. 8DEVICES focuses on the development and production of module solutions for Wi-Fi applications. Since 2016, they have been an official ADC (Authorized Design Center) partner of QUALCOMM with the license and experience to provide in-depth technical support for custom designs. In addition to Wi-Fi, 8DEVICES has also been offering PLC module solutions since 2022, all of which are also based on QUALCOMM technology.

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COMPEX has a long history of working with QUALCOMM and specializes exclusively in their Wi-Fi radio and SoC devices. COMPEX is therefore an official ADC (Authorized Design Center) of QUALCOMM and offers its customers innovative reference designs as well as support for hardware and software development.

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Logo of manufacturer MERUTI


Ehong Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Zigbee module manufacturer. It was founded in 2011 and has offices in Taiwan, Europe and the United States. Its modules are sold to over 50 countries worldwide and are offered under their brand name Meruti.

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