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Bluetooth is a standard for short-range wireless data transfer between devices.


Bluetooth forms an interface by which mobile devices such as mobile telephones and tablets as well as computers and peripherals can communicate with one another. The main purpose of Bluetooth is to replace cable connections between the devices. Bluetooth operates in a licence-free ISM band between 2,402 GHz and 2,480 GHz, and it can be used all over the world without approval being needed. Bluetooth is currently available in the version 4.x. Up to 3.x there was no extra Low Power extension, but now there is indeed a Low Power extension in the form of Bluetooth LE (part of Bluetooth 4.0). Apart from the advantageously low current consumption, there are also limitations with Bluetooth LE. The range is limited to about 10 meters, for example, and the maximum data rate is restricted to 1Mbit/s.


Nowadays there is actually a Bluetooth interface in every Smartphone, tablet and notebook, which means that this could be used, with the appropriate APP, as a display instrument for different operating modes of an application. This in turn means that there is a strong trend on the market today towards the use of Bluetooth interfaces in every type of application.


In this sector too, Codico can offer products in the most widely differing formats.


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The current offerings of the fabless semiconductor supplier are as follow: Embedded Ethernet (Non-PCI or Local Bus), SuperSpeed USB-to-LAN, Embedded Network /USB SoC, I/O Connectivity products.


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BlueCreation designs and manufactures Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart Modules based on Qualcomm CSR products. The company also offers software solutions and software consulting services.


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