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Circular and rectangular connectors are frequently used in the outside environment, where they are subjected to rough conditions such as heat, cold, rain, vibrations, stone impact, salt, and so on. In order to be able to ensure perfect transfer of signals and energy under these extreme conditions, special housings, made of corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant materials, as well as intelligent sealing concepts (protection class up to IP69K), are called for.

Our suppliers in this category Circular & Rectangular:


Amphenol Industrial is a member of the US based Amphenol Corporation, which was founded in 1932. With more than 50,000 employees and over 100 locations the Amphenol Corporation is today the second largest interconnect supplier in the world. Amphenol Industrial is the leading manufacturer of cylindrical connectors in the industrial market, focusing on renewable energy application, oil & gas exploration, medical advancements, hybrid and electric vehicles, communication, rail mass transit, heavy equipment and factory automation.


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Your contact for AMPHENOL INDUSTRIAL:  Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134


SOURIAU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of connectors for use in outdoor environments. The company develops, manufactures and sells electrical and fiber-optic connectors, as well as advanced interconnection systems. SOURIAU’s highly specialized products are used in aerospace, defense, railway and industrial applications.


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Your contact for SOURIAU:  Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134


YAMAICHI Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high performance interconnection components, including those for use in the most demanding applications of electronic systems. YAMAICHI has quickly established itself for the following demanding applications: telecommunications infrastructure, industrial automation, mobile computing and telephony, GPS systems, printers, digital cameras, camcorders and other electronic devices in the retail, industrial and general electronics sectors.


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Your contact for YAMAICHI:  Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134

Circular connectors are particularly well-suited for EMC applications and for the connection of moving leads and cables. Thanks to the reduction in dimensions, they are nowadays particularly popular for use in the following sectors: 

  • Instrumentation and control technology
  • Sensor and actuator cabling
  • Medicine technology
  • System, apparatus, and mechanical engineering
  • Military equipment
  • Road, rail, and water vehicles
  • Aerospace sector
  • Lighting technology for stages and studios
  • Wind power and solar energy systems


Depending on the requirement, CODICO offers connectors with a variety of different locking styles, such as screw threads, bayonet fittings, and push-pull formats. Our extensive portfolio includes, among others, these contact connection types:

  • Solder connection technology
  • Screw connection technology
  • IDC terminal technology
  • Spring force connection technology


In the power sector, currents up to 650A and voltages up to 4 kV are not infrequently encountered, while in the signal sector the interference-free transfer of sensitive bus signals beyond 100 Mbit/s is often necessary. In order to cover these requirements as simply and economically as possible, CODICO provides modular connectors with flexible combinations when used for power, supply, and data.


CODICO‘s extensive product portfolio covers all military standards, such as MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-38999 and MIL-C-5015. Another core competence offered by CODICO and their carefully selected partners for component assembly work is the development and production of molded connection systems for customer-specific applications.

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