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Graphic OLEDs


Advantages of Graphic OLEDs

Graphic OLEDs differ from the other passive matrix OLED displays in that they feature a freely writable pixel range. Graphic OLEDs are defined by quoting the number of horizontal and vertical pixels. By way of example, 128 x 64 pixels means 128 pixels horizontally and 64 pixels vertically.

The range of graphic OLEDs covers a large number of standard types, beginning with 64x48 (0.66“), and through to 256 x 64 (5.50“) pixels resolution.

Graphic OLEDs are available in the colors White, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow, and configured in the variants COG (Chip On Glass), COB (Chip On Board) or COF (Chip On Foil). Actuation is by SPI, I2C or parallel interface.

For graphic OLEDs too, the principle applies that customer-specific adaptations can be created for all types.

Further information about graphic OLEDs can also be found on the the manufacturer websites: 


Our suppliers in this category Graphic OLEDs:

MULTI-INNO Technology

MULTI-INNO Technology is a leading manufacturer of small and medium size display modules which includes monochrome LCD and LCM displays, TFT displays, resistive and capacitive touch panels, same as passive matrix OLED displays.


Your contact :

Bild von Christian Forthuber
Christian Forthuber
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-158

WISECHIP Semiconductor Inc

WISECHIP Semiconductor is one of the leading OLED manufacturers in Taiwan. As a pure OLED manufacturer WISECHIP Semiconductors offers a broad range of products including various OLED modules.


Your contact :

Bild von Christian Forthuber
Christian Forthuber
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-158

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