PANASONIC's New Hybrid Cap ZU Series

PANASONIC's ZU series of electrolytic polymer hybrid caps has remarkable ripple current features.

More Power And Less Dissipation

PANASONIC Industry introduces new ZU series of electrolytic polymer hybrid capacitors type with remarkable ripple current and temperature features for a wide range of particularly demanding applications.

Capacitors for the next generation of automotive applications, but also in the field of communication, power supply and industrial devices are expected to equally and immaculately meet efficiency, durability and performance requirements. In this light, the latest PANASONIC Industry polymer hybrid capacitor ZU series  is a remarkable evolution of the current popular ZS series.

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Improved Leakage Current

“For this version of the latest types, we have been concentrating our efforts particularly on reducing power dissipation”, as Yusuke Nagata from PANASONIC Industry Europe summarizes. “ZU series is able to withstand ripple currents up to 53% better than its predecessor. For dimensions of 10x12.5mm with 25VDC we achieve 5 Arms, for the 10x16.5mm equivalent 5.8 Arms.” Next to the improved leakage current, ZU series stands out with a 4,000 hours temperature endurance at 135/125°C.

AEC-Q200 Compliant and Available in a Vibration-Proof Version

ZU series is currently available in 25~63VDC at 100~560µF and suits wherever high temperature tolerance and capacitance is the criterion of choice. That would be - first and foremost – many automotive 48V applications such as Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), DC/DC, oil pumps, water pumps or fan motors. The latest capacitor innovation of course is AEC-Q200 compliant and available in a vibration-proof version for harsh environments.

“Components serving their functional purpose immaculately under severe automotive conditions, are also often the perfect choice for other fields of applications”, points out Yusuke Nagata. And indeed: When looking at a suitable capacitor for power supply inverter or rectifier, industrial motor inverter or contemporary communication devices, ZU series is definitely worth a closer look.


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