MPM Power Modules by MPS

The electronics industry is evolving and these changes are having a big effect on the power design market. Power Modules from Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) offer the following advantages:

  • Ease of design
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Small QFN package reduce board-space
  • Higher performance than traditional discrete solutions
  • Higher modular integration leading to easier PCB layout 
  • Superior performance and size advantages when compared to other industry leading solutions
  • Low EMI (Meets EN55022 Class B)
  • Scalability & Programmability (I2C & MTP, Graphic user interface available)

The wide span of Modules includes:

  • Buck-Modules with Single Output (fixed and programmable options)
  • Buck-Modules with Multiple Outputs (fixed and progarmmable options)
  • Buck/Boost-Modules
  • Isolated Modules

Single Output Modules:


Multi-Output Modules:

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Would you like to convince yourself of the quality and efficiency of the MPM stepd down modules from MPS? Then order your Evaluation Board in our Sample Shop right now!  

Evaluation Board for MPM3506A

  • EVM3506A-QV-00A
  • 36V/0,6A Synchronous Step-Down Converter with integrated inductor
  • Switching frequency: 1,15MHz
  • Preset Board Output Voltage: 3,3V
  • 3 x 5 mm QFN package

Evaluation Board for MPM3515

  • EVM3515-QV-02A
  • 36V/1,5A Synchronous Step-Down Converter with integrated inductor
  • Preset Board Output Voltage: 3,3V
  • Available also in AECQ100
  • 3 x 5 mm QFN package

Programming Kit for PMIC MPM54304

  • EVKT-MPM54304
  • 16V Programmable Quad-Ouput Step-Down Module with integrated inductor
  • 4 Outputs: 2x2A and 2x3A
  • Including USB to I²C Programmer
  • 7 x 7 mm LGA package

Evaluation Board for MPM3620

  • EVM3620-Q-00B
  • 24V/2A Synchronous Step-Down Converter with integrated inductor
  • Fixed frequency: 2MHz 
  • Preset Board Output Voltage: 3V
  • 3 x 5  mm QFN package

Evaluation Board for MPM3804

  • EVM3804-G-00A
  • 5,5V/0,6A Synchronous Step-Down Converter with integrated inductor 
  • 91% peak efficiency
  • Preset Board Output Voltage: 1,2V
  • 2 x 2 mm QFN package

Evaluation Board for MPM38111

  • EVM38111-R-00A
  • 6V/1A Synchronous dual Step-Down Converter with integrated inductors
  • Preset Board Output Voltage: 1,8V and 1,2V
  • 4 x 4 mm QFN package




Watch the video to get more information:

Powerful Buck Modules by MPS

Our partner MPS is a leader in the development of small, but powerful switchers and dc dc power modules by using the propriatry BCD manufacturing process. It combines MPS power transistors and control circuitry in a single monolithically integrated chip. This allows higher frequency switching and higher efficiency.

The MPS process also produces a smaller die, which in combination with a high switching rate enables smaller inductors, that can be accommodated together with the IC directly in a small QFN package instead of the BGA packaging used by competitors. It is not only the size of the device, QFN packages are easier to solder in the production process, resulting in a better PCB yield.

The voltage step down modules are manufactured using a single leadframe, which integrates all the required components, including inductors, passives, and MPS’ own industry leading regulator ICs. The elimination of additional process steps and the integration of ICs developed in-house also has the advantage that the buck module becomes more reliable and cost-effective than modules that use multi-stage techniques. 

The MPM modules from MPS are high voltage dc dc converter with built-in, internal power MOSFET and integrated inductor. They combine the maximum number of external components, while still providing comprehensive flexibility for the designer to tailor the device’s attributes. All MPM modules are available in a space-saving QFN package, some even in an AECQ100 version for the automotive industry.

Solutions to the EOL of Intel® Enpirion® Power Modules

As Intel decided to set the Enpirion Power Modules to EOL customers are searching for supplemets, for existing as well as for new designs. MPS offers with a cross reference list and design guides an easy path for migration:

Power Replacements for Intel Enpirion - Partner Reference Designs - Design (

Isolated DC/ DC Power Modules

MPS’s isolated DC/DC power modules provide engineers with a superior isolation barrier that more easily meets design specifications, reduces magnetic interference, and comes in a smaller, low-profile size with standard packaging that makes application simple and reliable. They are ideal for a variety of products, including medical and industrial automation, inverters, smart meters, and more.


By using capacitive isolation technologies MPS can offer following advantages:

  • Long lifetime
  • Low supply current
  • Saving space
  • High data rate, >100Mbps
  • High CMTI, >100kV/us
  • Short propagation delay
  • Low emission
  • High immunity for magnetic noise

Based on this technology MPS also offers


Isolated DC/DC Power Modules


Isolated Power Modules: 0.25W to 1W

  • Input Voltage Range: 3V to 3.6V, or 4.5V to 5.5V
  • 3.3V/5V Output Voltage
  • 0.4% Load Regulation, 1.5% Line Regulation
  • 1.5kVDC/3kVDC Isolation
  • Integrated Transformer
  • Passes CISPR32 Class B EMI
  • Available in an SoICW-16 Package (10.3mmx 10.3mmx2.5mm)


Find more information about the Isolated Power Modules of MPS.