XM122 IoT Module

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Low Power XM122 IoT Module from Acconeer with MCU.
Product Code: 291246
Weight: 0 g
Manufacturer: ACCONEER

Detailed information

The XM122 IoT Module from Acconeer is a low power connected radar module with optimized circular form factor with a diameter of 33mm. This IoT module integrates the A111 Pulsed Coherent Radar and the Nordic nRF52840 System on Chip that supports a 32-bit 64 MHz ARM(R) Cortex-M4 CPU with 256 KB SRAM and 1 MB Flash including support for Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee, 802.15.4 and ANT. The XM122 IoT module features integrated 2.4 GHz antenna and support for external 2.4 GHz antenna.

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