CODICO offers expertise in the field of Inverter

Making an Efficient Use of Energy

Power is often available in an unwanted or unusable form. The main task of inverters is to convert it into the form required for a specific application. The conversion of direct current to alternating current, for instance, is required in the case of solar inverters or UPS systems.

In motor drives, it is necessary to convert the frequency for the corresponding speed control. With all power ranges, from low to high, lifetime and efficiency are at the fore. Higher switching frequencies, however, present new challenges for components and EMC filters alike.

Our Competence in the Area of Inverters

The core characteristics of modern inverters are high efficiency coupled with durability and reliability. CODICO offers you a comprehensive range of both active and passive components. Provide us with your requirements and load profiles! Our expertise lies in understanding the application and choosing the right components. Together with our manufacturers, we can offer you the best-suited components for your application.

In addition to intermediate circuit capacitors, which play a particular role here, CODICO also offers the corresponding thermal management. In addition, you will find suitable filter components, sensors, and semiconductors for controlling the latest technologies. Special solutions in the area of interconnect systems, such as customer-specific cable assemblies, will help establish reliable and safe connections between the individual parts of the inverters.