Powerline Communication

This image shows transmission of information via a data cable.

HomePlug Green PHY

According to ISO 15118-3 / DIN 70121 / SAE J2847/2

HomePlug Green Phy is a reduced version HomePlug AV, which essentially dispenses the subcarrier modulation using QAM. The latter is responsible for the high data transfer capacity of HomePlug AV, though it also carries the disadvantage of a high dissipation rate of around 3 Watt per PLC node. By dispensing the QAM subcarrier modulation, it is possible to reduce the dissipation rate by approx. 1/3 to 1/4, and significantly simplify the system design. As a result, the HomePlug Green Phy PLC design can be fitted on a single chip.

In 2011, HomePlug Green Phy was defined by the IEC 15118 working group and the five German automobile makers as the communication form to be used in the future.

Our E-Mobility Expertise

Since early 2009, CODICO has already been working in the area of PLC/ HomePlug with the then market leader INTELLON, which was later taken over by ATHEROS that was in turn purchased by QUALCOMM.

CODICO was able to weather these takeovers without any negative impact, and has been supporting the pilot projects of the German vehicle manufacturers with PLC solutions since 2010. We also provide support to market participants on the infrastructure side, i.e. the manufacturers of charging stations, wall boxes, and other charging systems. Due to its year-long experience in the area of powerline communication, CODICO and its two application engineers are the first port of call in Europe when it comes to PLC design know-how.

Our E-Mobility Portfolio

CODICO offers a broad portfolio tailored to e-mobility. It does not only feature products for powerline communication such as PLC modules, temperature-compensated oscillators (TCXOs), PLC transformers, and software stacks. We can also provide best-suited components to cover requirements far beyond that.  These include, for instance, adequate DC/DC power supplies or leakage current detectors in accordance with standards IEC62752 and UL2231:CCID20, optimised gate driver ICs for IGBTs, and traditional MOSFETs or SiC MOSFETs.

As a specialist for Wi-Fi and bluetooth, CODICO also offers a wide range of Wi-Fi modules for different requirements. Depending on the customer's requests and needs, these modules are also available with a variety of interfaces. CODICO's team includes experienced product specialists and application engineers to provide the best possible design-in support. This is true both for power supply and for wide area network (WAN) uplinks, using G3/G4/LTE/G5 modules or Ethernet.