Battery Swapping

Battery Swapping – Using Battery Swapping to Refuel!

As with larger 4-wheeled EV’s, the users of 2 or 3 wheeled Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) also share the same problems of Range Anxiety, Charging Time, and availability of Charging Infrastructure. However, the use of Battery Swapping gives LEV users the opportunity to immediately replace their discharged batteries with charged ones at dedicated battery swapping stations.


Our Competence in Battery Swapping

Battery Swapping is undoubtedly one key solution for refueling EV power, but up to now there is no defined regulation or compliance dictating the specifications for it. LEV manufacturers need to work with a supplier who can design solutions and who has a sound understanding of how the battery communicates with the device/charger. Such a design partner also needs strong mechanical engineering expertise to solve complex problems for tolerance compensation and other application related problems.

At CODICO we offer battery management system designs with emphasis on safety and interconnection reliability that can support all kinds of swappable solutions to shorten charging time, and lower setup/maintenance cost. We can support other applications (besides EV) where it may be advantageous to swap batteries or entire units rather than waiting to recharge a battery (for example, for Medical or Industrial applications where batteries are used).


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