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Embedded Module


Embedded System Modules (ESM) are modules that typically include a CPU, memory and I/O interfaces. Consequently, they can plugged on a carrier-board or used as a stand-alone processor card. New generation (SoM) are built as SMD-Module, that are fixed on a carrier-board by soldering.


Pluggable ESM modules forcarrier-boards usually are equipped with a standard PCI-bus as a board-to-board interface connection. Embedded System Modules are typically used as a single-board computers for embedded applications (CompactPCI, VMEbus, ...).


Subcategories of Embedded Module:

Produktkategorie Embedded Wi-Fi Modules

Embedded Wi-Fi Modules

Integrate Wi-Fi applications into the system

Produktkategorie Single-Board Computer

Single-Board Computer

Complete Computer built on a CPU

Produktkategorie System on Modules

System on Modules

For highly complex applications


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