Entertainment Systems

CODICO offers expertise in the field of Entertainment Systems

Making the Best of Your Journey

Entertainment systems have become a vital industrial sector, both from a technological and an economic point of view. In addition to individual displays, network technology plays a key role. The next step in on-board entertainment will take us further toward individualisation. A passenger's electronic equipment will be able to connect to the plane's entertainment system through Wi-Fi.

To make a journey more exceptional, the following components are being used today:

  • Capacitive multi-touch displays
  • Handheld terminals
  • Peripherals for the integration with personal electronic devices
  • Servers
  • Power supplies and charging sockets

Our Competence in Entertainment Systems

When developing entertainment systems, the focus is not only on functionality, but also on haptics and intuitive use. It must be possible for older passengers to easily operate these systems, and power users must have access to as many functions as possible. We want to help you design a state-of-the-art product. Based on several years of experience, CODICO offers solutions in the areas of embedded modules, antennas, connectors and cable assemblies, displays, switches and buttons, capacitors, and many more.