PIR Sensors

Different types of PIR sensors.

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

Pyroelectric infrared sensors (PIR Sensors) detect infrared rays using the pyroelectric effect of pyroelectric ceramics and reacts to temperature changes.

CODICO offers PIR motion sensors by PANASONIC that provide an easy integration and offer high reliability for a wide variety of applications.

PANASONIC's PaPIR product family includes the EKMC series for general use with a current consumption of 170µA and the EKMB series, that impresses with its low current consumption (1µA, 2µA and 6µA) and is therefore ideal for battery-operated devices.

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PIR Sensors With Special Lens Designs

Its portfolio also includes PIR sensors with special lens designs for long distances with detection distance up to 17m, as well as for the reliable detection of small movements.

Thanks to the very small optic and different lens colors in white, pearl white and black, the PIR motion sensors can be easily integrated into products, such as smart luminaires or PIR motion detectors.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Passive infrared motion sensors for general lighting control
  • High-bay motion sensors and luminaires for warehouses, public- and industrial-buildings
  • Street lights
  • Security cameras such as IP cameras and alarm systems
  • Lighting control for offices, waiting rooms or corridors
  • Smart Home, smart lighting or smart LED bulbs
  • Control systems for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology


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