Wi-Fi & Bluetooth in the IoT

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Internet of things addresses many market segments, from smart home, white goods, wearables, industrial automation, energy management, healthcare or even automotive/transportation: IoT is becoming part of every aspect of our lives.

IoT applications are improving the comfort of our lives and are giving more control by simplifying routine work and personal tasks. Our WHITEPAPER Series “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the world of IoT” offers valuable expert knowledge to help you understand IoT better.


What You Learn From This Whitepaper Series

PART 1: Design Considerations for IoT Applications 

In principle, many different wireless standards can serve as an IoT network for data exchanges. Find out more about the different system approaches and how to choose the right chip with the required features for your wireless application.

PART 2: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Are Making the Difference

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, although so different, are so attractive for nowadays and future IoT applications. Find out what makes these technologies so strong but also discover the differences they have in our whitepaper.

PART 3: New Chip and Module Solutions for IoT

Many companies are put under big pressure take the initiative of coming up with their own IoT products or to extend the existing product portfolio respectively. Track down the best Wi-Fi and BT chips and module solutions for your future project.


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