ToF and 3D Cameras

The smart devices of our time need sensors and above all cameras to find their way around their environment. Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras and 3D cameras are just a few examples of applications in advanced deployment scenarios. It is important that the cameras enable the system to transmit precise position data, e.g. to control robots safely and effectively.

Another important function of cameras is face recognition. If, on the other hand, privacy has to be maintained, only the outlines are recorded with depth information. Stereo and 3D cameras use different physical mechanisms to obtain this information. In ToF cameras, for example, the travel time of the reflected laser light is recorded and depth information is obtained from this.

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    Optical Navigation Sensors PAJ7620U2 Sample Kit (CDC)
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    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK3903IS Sample Kit (CDC)
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    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK3902IS Sample Kit (CDC)
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    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK3901IS Sample Kit (CDC)
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    CMOS Sensors PAC7673EE
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    Optical Navigation Sensors PAK7620G1-U2

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