CODICO offers expertise in the field of Sensors

Sense the World: Everything Can Be Measured!

Today, sensors are used in almost all applications. They play a key role especially in the case of IoT, but they are also applied in different shapes and sizes in energy/renewable energy, home appliances/white goods, medical & healthcare, and security & safety.

CODICO already identified this trend several years ago, and included several sensor manufacturers in its distribution programme. These can be used to measure size, length, speed, acceleration, current, voltage, temperature, and many more.

Sensor Solutions at CODICO

As a rule, a sensor solution consists of the sensor itself, a switch for increasing the sensor signal, and processing electronics. The latter is usually also connected to the main system via a wireless connection or cable, which often involves customer-specific cable assemblies.

As a result of its year-long experience and flexibility, CODICO is capable of responding to any kind of customer requirement and providing valuable support in the selection of the right components. The sensors in our portfolio employ several different technologies for their measurements, ranging from magnetic fields (Hall) and electromagnetic fields (radar) to light (optical) and electrical resistors. We will be happy to advise you!