This image shows an air condition in the car.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The car of the future is less and less about transportation from A to B. Autonomous vehicles are a mobile office, a place of entertainment and well-being or a private retreat. The new way of travelling allows passengers to work, read, eat or simply relax along the way. As a result, the requirements for interior comfort are changing significantly, and HVAC as the main part of this must be more efficient while saving energy. To achieve this goal, electronic control systems are becoming increasingly important.

CODICO will be happy to help you and offers you state-of-the art technology and solutions to stay one step ahead of all these requirements.

Our HVAC Expertise

The purpose of a HVAC in a vehicle is to clean, cool, heat, regulate, ventilate and dehumidify the air entering the cabin, depending on the inputs of the operator as well as electronic sensors. The electronic controls are the key to performing all these functions efficiently. CODICO offers a wide range of ICs for BLDC motor drives, power management and DC/DC converters.

High-current and long-life electrolytic capacitors and hybrid capacitors are also key components for HVAC applications. CODICO’s experts have acquired extensive knowledge and are able to adapt capacitors to meet customer requirements. We can also offer a wide range of power inductors, resistors, protection components, as well as any type of connectors and cable assemblies.