ISABELLENHÜTTE introduces new shunt family

ISABELLENHÜTTE introduces new low-ohmic FMx shunt family

FMx series is small and low-ohmic

ISABELLENHÜTTE has developed a new series of precision resistors in standard sizes with resistances ranging from 1 to 6mOhm for applications that require small and low-ohmic shunts. In terms of its construction, the components are less complex than the current ISA-PLAN®resistance families. Nevertheless, they offer the same performance quality: very good long-term stability, a low temperature coefficient, and low thermoelectric voltages.

For resistance ranges from 1 to 6mOhm

With the FMx shunt family, ISABELLENHÜTTE closes a gap in the portfolio of standard size ranges for precision resistances. With the previous product series, it was not possible to realize the usual FMS (2512), FMP (2010) and FMK (1206) standard sizes in the resistance range from 1 to 6mOhm. The impetus for this new development came from the increasing demand for these resistances from a wide variety of industries, including the automotive sector (for in-car chargers and assistance systems) and industry (for BLDC drive units), but also from the consumer market (e.g. for white goods).

The FM in the title of the new series stands for “Full Metal”, i.e. the components are designed in the appropriate thickness out of a full metal plate made of the respective resistance material and directly soldered to the underside. The new design achieves a particularly robust construction, which at the same time enables savings in production processes and costs.

For more information download the following datasheets:

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